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The Smoke Hunters competed in the Central Illinois Bragging Rights competition in Arthur, Illinois on October 14th and 15th. We had a great cook except for our Chicken, which finished very low and was commented as "too spicy for chicken". Only a 33rd place in Chicken (out of 55 teams) would have been enough to get us another Reserve Championship. As it was, we finished in 5th place Overall - very respectable. On October 21st and 22nd, we competed in the Best of the Midwest competition in Union Grove, Wisconsin. Only our low Pork score kept us from getting the Grand Championship. A 36th place in Pork (out of 51 teams) would have been enough to make the grade. As it was we finished in 3rd place Overall - again a very respectable finish. The highlight of the cook was a "Perfect/Perfect 180" score in Ribs - very rare - for which we will receive a special award at the annual KCBS banquet in Atlanta in January. Our KCBS Team of the Year (TOY) Standings for teams with 10 contests or less are Overall #1, Chicken #17, Ribs #5, Pork #5, and Brisket #13. These rankings do not take into consideration points earned from our Union Grove competition. Our next and last competition of the year will be The American Royal National Championship in Kansas City, Kansas on October 28th-30th. We will be competing in both the Invitational and the Open competition. Andrew and Rick will be competing in the World Food Championships in Orange Beach, Alabama the second and third week of November. They will compete in the "Burger" competition, where Andrew is a two time World Champion. Look for the "Bull Grill" sponsored team - Good luck guys - Bring back a third World Championship.

by Jim Rohr 10.23.16